Artam Antik A.Ş.

Artam Antik A.S., established in 1981, has become a leader in the auction business since 35 years with nearly threehundred auctions, special exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, art seminars and classical music concerts. Antik Palace, has become the most elegant auction house in Europe, after the restoration of the historical Esref Pasa Mansion with 3.000 m² showroom in Macka area in İstanbul by Antik A.S., in 1995.

Artam Antik A.S., continues meeting various cultural publications with its readers. ANTIKDEKOR, published for 23 years by Antik A.S., as an antique, art and culture magazine, has been regenerated in 2012 as Artam Global Art & Design magazine, connecting art with modern life culture, opening the doors of a young and dynamic world to the designers and artlovers. All editions of ANTİKDEKOR and Artam Global Art & Desing magazines are available at Antik Palace library.

Artam Global Art Exhibition Hall, opened in 2009-2010 season, has been one of the indispensable addresses for the contemporary art in İstanbul. Artam Global Art is hosting to exhibitions of pictures, statues, installations, video arts, photography and digital Works of modern and contemporary artists with international celebrity, as well as the masterpiece Works of the contemporary auctions organized by Artam Antik A.S.

Artam Antik A.S., auctions, held for 35 years, with many national and international sales records, continue to be one of the major attractions in Istanbul’s social agenda.

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Antik Co. offers art consultancy for corporations and individuals in the purchase or sale of an  art collection, either through public auctions or a private sale.

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Ottoman Antiques

Antik A.S., the leading auction house in Ottoman Market, organizes 4 major Ottoman sales in a year. These sales include Turkish Silver, Ottoman textile, jewelry, tombak, tophane, porcelain, traditional furniture, iznik ceramics, manuscripts and metalwork.

Antik A.S. holds a number of world auction records, including 500,000 USD for a pair of Ottoman Tombak Candles (245th Sale) the highest price achieved for an Ottoman Quran is 182,000 USD. The highest price for ottoman jewelry, furniture and silver has been achieved recently in Antik A.S. auction rooms.

The market for Ottoman antiques and works of art has never been stronger

The Turkish Art market is enjoying exceptional growth, driven by the demand from new Turkish buyers and new private museums.

European Art

Orientalist Paintings and European Art for the Ottoman Market

Antik A.S., the leading auction house in Turkey, organizes 4 major Ottoman and European Art sales in a year. These sales include magnificent works of Orientalist artists; Rudolph Ernst, Fabius Brest, Fausto Zonaro, Amadeo Preziosi, Edwin Long, Alberto Pasini, Theodore Frere, Edwin Lord Weeks, François Prieur Bardin, Ludwig Deutsch...

Antik A.S. holds a number of auction records, including 515,000 USD for Fabius Brest's "Fishermen in Bosphorus" (Records price for a European Art in Turkey. (245th Sale) the highest price achieved for an European Furniture is 110,000 USD which is paid for an 19th century Frnech Buffet.

The highest price for a European Silver that sold in Turkey was 115,000 USD (A. Bachruch marked silver set).

The market for Orientalist and works of Turkish art is enjoying exceptional growth, driven by the demand from new Turkish buyers and new Turkish private museums.

In this favorable environment, if you would like to consign your items to be included in our upcoming auctions, please contact one of our specialist

(+90) (212) 236 24 60